Take control of your data.

Advanced Management Operations Platform (AMOP) helps you automate the processes that take time and cost you money. Whether you are a carrier or an enterprise customer, AMOP has the tools you need to be successful.
Sequentex partners with amop

Carrier Partners

Cisco | AT&T | Verizon | T-Mobile

Managing multiple carriers for data is almost a necessity in today’s world.  Coverage issues and capacity create a need to have a diversified carrier portfolio for any reseller or enterprise customer.  Managing multiple portals between carriers and sometimes with the same carrier makes SIM card management time consuming and difficult.  The Advanced Management Operations Platform provides a consolidated, multi-tenant portal to manage multiple carriers in one place.  You can empower your customers and end users to have control over their devices for activation, deactivation, and other features. Below is a list of the carriers we currently have integrations and the features available.


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